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At Garage Doors Mount Vernon we really do care about Door Repair.  That is not just some kind of gimmick or marketing slogan.  Garage door repair is at the core of everything we try to accomplish for our customers.  Repair service is the most used garage door service in the business.  When a garage door spring breaks or a door slides off the track a resident does not have the time to make an appointment a week down the road.  They need repair and they need it yesterday.  Our garage door company in Mount Vernon realizes this and that is why we established our same day service policy and our emergency  repair service 24/7 because we want to help our customers quickly and anytime they need it.

Now this is not to say garage door repair is the only service we offer.

 Garage DoorsOur garage door techs are seasoned veterans in the field and can provide all related services effectively.  Here some of the door repairs we provide to our customers in Mount Vernon:

  •     Bottom rubber – we can repair, replace or install these for you.
  •     Broken emergency release - the law requires these to work and we make sure they do.
  •     Replace section– we can replace a section of the door if damaged.
  •     Weather strip – we can install a weather strip to keep that cold air out.
  •     Door off track – tracks don’t get oiled or get damaged and door rolls off.  We can fix it.

Another one of the great garage door services offered at the Garage Doors Mount Vernon is garage door springs.  Our broken spring repair/replacement service is superb.  We carry a couple different springs.  The torsion spring is used for doors that weigh a lot.  The extension spring is used for lightweight doors.  Both can be dangerous; but the torsion is wound very tight and is mounted at the center of the door for more leverage.  If it snaps while you are wounding it the blow could be lethal.  You can get both of these springs in galvanized door springs that have been coated with zinc and iron formed in a metallic reaction to 3600 psi.  It is vital that you call one of our garage door techs to take care of garage door springs for you.

Garage door openers are the heart of the garage door system.  Everyone wants one.  We carry the best brand names like:

  •     Genie  opener in Mount Vernon
  •     Liftmaster opener in Mount Vernon
  •     Chamberlain  opener in Mount Vernon
  •     Marantec opener in Mount Vernon
  •     Craftsman opener in Mount Vernon
  •     Sears opener in Mount Vernon

Our techs will come out and perform garage door opener troubleshooting to determine any problems that might be lurking in your old opener.  Each opener comes with a drive.  The 3 drive are the screw drive, the chain drive, and the belt drive.  The chain is loud but inexpensive and the belt is quiet but costs more.

You cannot seriously put a value on good garage door maintenance & adjustments service.  Our scheduled lubrication service is revered throughout Mount Vernon.  The facts are clear on this subject; use a good preventative maintenance plan and prolong the life of your door saving you repairs costs down the road.

Garage Door remotes are off the chain.  They make our life a lot easier for sure.  Just a push of a button and our door opens or closes.  In addition, some of our remotes use rolling technology and block any would be copycats.  There is no one that can repair, replace, or install these like our door techs.  If the job is not done right by a pro your remote won’t work right. We offer the best remote brands from:

  •     Multi Code
  •     Clicker
  •     Liftmaster Security Plus in  Mount Vernon
  •     Genie Intellicode

Beyond our door remote service we have our door replacement & installation service.  Our techs have the experience it takes to replace garage door doors and windows  so fast it looks easy as pie.  The key to exceeding customer expectations is variety and we offer a wide choice of doors in various materials, styles and designs.  Some of the materials are wood doors in Mount Vernon, craftsman doors, aluminum  doors in Mount Vernon, steel doors in Mount Vernon, and glass doors.  Don’t hesitate to have one of our pros provide this service for you and your curb appeal will be greatly improved.

Our garage door company/contractor in Mount Vernon offers a great door cables & tracks service for our customers.  Cables & tracks can cause a lot of problems in your door operation if they are not properly addressed.  Our techs carry a vast amount of cables and tracks on their truck so repair, replacement and installation is easy to do.  Here are some of the things our techs can do:

  •     Broken cable in Mount Vernon
  •     Cable came off drum in Mount Vernon
  •     Cable snapped in Mount Vernon
  •     Repair bent track in Mount Vernon
  •     Cable loose in Mount Vernon
  •     Replace garage track in Mount Vernon
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