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Taking care of your wooden garage door

If you have a wooden garage door, our specialist advises that you paint or apply a wood varnish to every panel to make sure that the aesthetic appeal of the door is greatly maintained. This will reduce or limit cracks on your door.

When to consider garage door replacement

Before considering door replacement, it is best to consider all possible remedies for your damaged door. Garage door repair should be explored to make sure that the door can still be salvaged. This will greatly help you cut on your expenses and save money.

Learn to use the garage door’s emergency release feature

This is important whenever there is a power outage. This way, even without electricity, you can easily get in and out of the garage. The instructions are found in the door’s manual. If your door does not have a manual, you can ask for one from your manufacturer.

Provide effective protection from decay to wood garage door panels

This involves the installation of weather stripping. Make sure that you select weather strips made from tough and durable rubber which is at low risk of getting damaged by the sun's ultraviolet light. You have to paint or stain the panels as well. You must repaint or re-stain the door at least once a year.

Don’t forget about your opener

Your opener has the power to turn your manual garage door into an automated one. This is why you need to take good care of it! Just like your door, your opener’s moving parts need to be lubricated at least once a year. You can also inspect it make sure that it has not become a breeding ground for bugs that could harm its internal mechanisms.

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