Let us Service Your Coil Springs

Let us Service Your Coil Springs

We specialize in coil garage door springs and are here to provide immediate repair services

What makes garage door springs unique parts of the mechanism is their tension. Without it, they would just be useless for this heavy mechanism that actually requires extremely powerful coil springs for the lifting of the door. Springs for such applications have coils, which might extend and contract, as in the case of the extension springs. After all, this is how they got their name in the first place. Coil springs might also twist as it happens with torsion springs, and as they rotate, they become tighter and allow the movement of the door.

Most coil springs are not gapped and so they do not compress. In the case of EZ-set Clopay springs, they are actually gapped and so they will be compressed even manually. Some coil springs do not separate easily even if you try it with your hands. They are extra strong and, thus, ideal for heavy duty garage doors. In any case, coil springs are meant to keep great tension in them so that they can lift the door upon release. This is what makes them extremely dangerous and why the professional assistance of Garage Door Repair Mount Vernon is required.

We are trained to service coil springs efficiently

Springs, which are manufactured especially for garage doors, are extremely durable and regardless if they are large in size or wire inside diameter, they can still injure people and damage properties. It is not accidental that our company has multiple emergency teams of very skilled technicians for coil spring repairs. We are all very experienced with different coil springs and able to add tension, adjust and replace them. Coil spring snapping can cause even fatal accidents and one of the first things our technicians were taught during their training period was how to fix garage springs carefully and how to keep their distance, even if they approach springs for repairs.Let us Service Your Coil Springs

Such professional techniques ensure definitely our safety, but also the safety of your property since much damage can be inflicted in the garage should coil springs snap. We are here to offer full repair and replacement services, but also consult you on the right choice of coil springs. Our technicians have the knowhow to install coiled overhead door springs and provide the services needed for a steady and safe spring system. Our work is also accurate and we make sure the door is properly balanced and the springs are thoroughly maintained. In case of emergency coil spring issues, you can certainly contact our teams right away for immediate arrival and service. We are here to answer your questions and assist you with every problem related to your coil springs. Do get in touch!


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